St Paul’s Monkeys


The view from the Stone Gallery at the base of Sir Christopher Wren’s great dome provides a view over a changed world. Tate Modern, the great cultural landmark of London, once linked to St Paul’s Cathedral and City Of London by the Millennium Bridge is now cut off by the flooded river Thames.

Climate change brings with it shifts in eco systems. Some long established species become extinct whilst new and unusual specimens gain a foothold.

The St Paul’s Monkeys are relaxed. They perch on this ancient and venerable building that emerged following the Fire of London, withstanding the blitz and the development of the high rise city around it.

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    Ah yes, the Great London Monkey Invasion of 2027; we’ll need to watch out – these little scamps will steal anything. Keep hold of your wallets! Mind you, our wallets will be empty by then, as we will have spent all our money on wind turbines and Carbon Capture and Storage.

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