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Climate change is central to our future. It will affect every aspect of the city, from buildings and public spaces to the way we live and work. What impact will climate change have?

Postcards From The Future is concerned with taking ideas and projections and juxtaposing them with contemporary visual images. This creates surprising, contradictory concepts that challenge our daily preconceptions of the world around us.

Created by GMJ the work is based upon views of cities which are transformed from the familiar to the startling, using the visual language of climate change to create provocative images


At the Museum of London (Oct 2010 – Mar 2011) 14 London Postcards were presented as large scale back-lit transparencies, each pristine image is defined by an astonishing degree of clarity and definition. Kew Nuclear Power is a mischievously humorous take on tapping energy in the suburbs of south-west London, while The Mall – Royal Power presents a pragmatic response to change. Postcards From The Future sets out to create illusory spaces in which people can explore the issues of a changed world and not reject them as ‘stuff that happens to other people’.

“We want to create a space in which people can consider how climate change may impact on their lives. We are committed to making beautiful and arresting images which tell their own story. We have deliberately chosen ‘postcard’ shots of London, places that all of us are familiar with. By focusing our creative energy on these well- known panoramas, the images have taken on a life of their own.

Even we were surprised by the way the story unfolded as the scene was created. Each picture has become a mini soap-opera, alive with colour, drama, triumph and adversity as our city is transformed and Londoners adapt to meet this change.”

Straight from its successful run at the Museum of London, ‘Postcards From The Future’ opened at National Theatre on March 14 where it was exhibited until May 2011.

RIO+20+20 & World Cities

First of their global ‘Postcards From The Future’  work is RIO+20+20 a provocative image about sustainability of the environment, in particular the world’s oceans.

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