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Postcards From The Future – the project

Climate change is central to our future. It will affect every aspect of the city, from buildings and public spaces to the way we live and work. What impact will climate change have? Postcards From The Future is concerned with taking ideas and projections and juxtaposing them with contemporary visual images. This creates surprising, contradictory [...]

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Parliament Square Water Crisis Centre

WIRED UK magazine asked GMJ to contribute work for feature ‘The Future As It Happened’ for the magazine’s July 2014 issue. The magazine asked some of their ‘favourite writes, artists and photographers to convey 2024 news in ‘the format we used to love.’ GMJ’s image ‘Parliament Square Water Crisis Centre’ continues their interest in exploring issues [...]

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London as Venice

© GMJ, aerial photograph by Jason Hawkes Like a modern day Canaletto, this disturbing yet strangely peaceful aerial view of a flooded Thames was inspired by shots of New Orleans submerged under the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina. Curious to know how London would appear under similar conditions, Graves and Madoc-Jones transposed projection of a 7.2 [...]

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Parliament Square Paddy Fields

© GMJ A new global economy demands that we become more self-sufficient as former food sources become less reliable and shipping food around the world becomes unsustainable. Austerity encourages us to ‘grow your own’ – even 10 Downing Street and the White House have allotments now. Self-sufficiency also challenges the value of power formerly invested in [...]

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Thames Tidal Power

© GMJ, aerial photograph by Jason Hawkes The bold composition of Thames Tidal Power was inspired by a photograph of fishing huts perched above the waters of the Gironde in France by French aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. a striking image of graphic quality and dramatic contrast between light and dark. Combined with separate research into water [...]

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‘The Gherkin’

© GMJ Continuing the theme of Living in London, GMJ accumulated images of life in the high-rise tenement blocks of Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. Of these, most striking were the distinctive structures of framed windows, behind which were the signs and minutiae of life that individualized the otherwise uniform setting – clothes hung up to [...]

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Skating at Tower Bridge

© GMJ, aerial photograph by Jason Hawkes Skating at Tower Bridge takes a bird’s-eye view of the frozen surface surrounding the landmark bridge. Tiny human forms skate beneath it, casting extraordinarily long shadows, yet appear as inconsequential as pinheads or iron filings. Postcard Books on sale here. Please contact us about our Limited Edition Exhibition Prints & image [...]

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Kew Nuclear Power Station

© GMJ, aerial photograph by Jason Hawkes In a neat finale to the exploration of power, this thematic group concludes with Kew Nuclear Power Station, a subject that addresses current debates considering the resumption of nuclear power. Where London’s power stations once produced clouds of steam over London, a new generation of nuclear power stations, [...]

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Buckingham Palace Shanty

© GMJ, aerial photograph by Jason Hawkes Day-to-day life in London takes advantage of new and formerly, inaccessible, spaces. GMJ explored ideas and images that convey daily life in a transformed London, where the relationship between private and public space is re-evaluated. The artists were influenced by Tuca Vieira’s stunning photography of shanty towns in [...]

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Trafalgar Square Shanty

© GMJ The key influence for Trafalgar Square Shanty was Norman Parkinson’s 1949 photograph of two models standing in the portico of the National Gallery (Wenda Rogerson and B. Goalen, Vogue). Looking out to Nelson’s Column, the photograph idealises the Square, a spot which today has been over-developed as a giant traffic island. Contemporary photographs taken by [...]

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