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“ These powerful images prompt us to consider everything that is at stake – the things we value, the things we take for granted – and call us to work towards a very different future.’’ Yvo de Boer, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

“ The works of GMJ are witty, elegant and provocative. They are timely reminders of the threats to our planet,our lifestyle and survival.” Norman Foster

Beautiful, and a little disturbing. Radiohead

“ We tend to see the future as a continuation of the present. It never is. Today more than ever we can imagine a variety of good and bad futures. Here is a lively portraiture of some of them. They don’t have to happen. The choice is – mostly – ours.” Sir Crispin Tickell, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme, Oxford University

“ If climate change proceeds as the good scientists say then London could become the holiday centre for Europe and the world: warm summers not torrid heat and fresh food in good supply from its cool wet western counties.” James Lovelock

“ Exhibitions like these open our eyes to the future.” Professor Jack Lohman, DirectorMuseum of London

“ In the crush of events in 2011, climate change keeps getting pushed to the back of the queue – revolutions, double dip recessions, oil shocks and even earthquakes all vie for attention and demand a response. But the reality is that climate change will weaken our resilience to all these events – natural and man-made. These images remind us that we face a fundamental transformation. Huge change is coming -and in many ways is already upon us. The choice we still have is to engage with that transformation with a sense of purpose and possibility.” Charlie Kronick, Senior Climate Advisor Greenpeace UK

“ We could have stopped it!” Vivienne Westwood

“Images of a thawing Arctic and a disappearing Aral Sea are academic for residents of London insulated from the impacts of climate change.  These Postcards From The Future demonstrate the serious consequences we face and hopefully will start to shake people out of their climate complacency
Steve Kenzie, Programme Director Sustainability, International Business Leaders Forum

Social networks and personal responses from around the world;

“I was blown away by your futures exhibit” @worldeka

“Amazing but chilling” Kitty Gubbins, UK

“Scary and brilliant” Dirk Deferme, Belgium

“They’re all so beautiful and yet terrifying” AJ Blake, USA

“Haunting, beautiful, terrifying: Hard time imagining the world reshaped by climate change?” @dishitup



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