About the artists

“These visionary artists” Lord Foster refers to GMJ in his series of lectures ‘’Performance’’ at The RIBA, Oxford University, Abu Dhabi. Whilst flattered by Lord Foster’s description, GMJ were delighted that he used their work as part of his lecture series in exactly the way they had intended. He referred to the exhibition as arrestingly beautiful images that provoke thought and reaction.

The artists have been creating visualisation imagery for over 20 years setting up the pioneering visualisation company GMJ in 1990. They have always been concerned with the way our world and cities look and how that may change in the immediate future.  It has become increasingly important to them to step beyond their regular framework and to use their skills to visualise a very different world.

“We want to create a space in which people can consider how climate change may impact on their lives. We are committed to making beautiful and arresting images which tell their own story. We have deliberately chosen ‘postcard’ shots of London, places that all of us are familiar with. By focusing our creative energy on these well- known panoramas, the images have taken on a life of their own. Even we were surprised by the way the story unfolded as the scene was created. Each picture has become a mini soap-opera, alive with colour, drama, triumph and adversity as our city is transformed and Londoners adapt to meet this change. Our project sets out to create illusory spaces in which people can explore the issues of a changed world and not reject them as ‘stuff that happens to other people”.

GMJ, London, October 2010


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